The Team

Taranaki Steelformers Mountainairs is a New Zealand professional basketball team that competes in the National Basketball League (NBL). They have previously been known as the New Plymouth Bulls (1986–93), the Taranaki Bears (1994–98), the Taranaki Oilers (1999) and the Devon Dynamos Taranaki (2008–09).

They play their home games at TSB Stadium in New Plymouth, Taranaki. Due to a lack of funding they did not compete in the New Zealand NBL from 2000–2002. After having been absent from the national competition for three seasons, there was a need to redevelop the local talent.

In 2003, the Taranaki Basketball campaigned to launch a team in the NBL. A rejuvenated pool of talented players came together, a team was selected and the vision became a reality. With tremendous public and media support, the Taranaki Mountainairs had an outstanding reintroduction into New Zealand basketball’s major stage.

Their best results in the NBL were third place in 1988, 1991 and 1992. Player Willie Banks was named NBL MVP in 2004. With the league changing the rules for the 2018 season the teams are now able to have three imports.

Meet the 2019 team

basketball silhouette 2

Houston O'Reilly


Position: Point Guard

Height: 170

Alonzo Burton


Position: Shooting Guard

Height: 193

Chris Early


Position: Forward

Height: 203

Latrell Teka-Wall


Position: Shooting Guard

Height: 191

Derone Jordan Raukawa


Position: Combo Guard

Height: 182

Aaron Bailey-Nowell


Position: Shooting Guard

Height: 196

Dane Brooks


Position: Shooting Guard

Height: 190

Hayden Brooks


Position: Shooting Guard

Height: 188

Oscar Robertson


Position: Shooting Guard/Small Forward

Height: 198

Thane O'Leary


Position: Forward

Height: 201

Xavier Shaw


Position: Power Forward

Height: 200

Morgan Trott


Position: Forward

Height: 193